I designed this site as an online place for my family and friends to stay in touch, share photos, videos and our stories of both joy and sorrow. I also want to extend a welcome to all that share our family name, and look forward to meeting others with the Bradbury name. My mission is to create a site with fun, easy to use collaboration features along with a repository of interesting and useful information.

Some of the features include a family newsletter, discussion groups, blogs, photo albums, family directory, a family calendar and a wiki. Additionally, there is a computer support section with an extensive knowledge base and a technical support help desk. If you need help with any of the features here or even with general computer issues, you can access the Knowledge Base, post a question in one of the forums or submit a ticket on the Help Desk.

I believe "we" have a fantastic tool here that can bring us closer together and I am excited and looking forward to hear from everyone. Those of you that know me well, know that for the most part, I avoid and abhor most social networking sites and...I am sure that after you take a look around and join in, you will agree our site is much more than the typical SNS.

On a side note, I need your help. I will be using this site as a staging area for various modules, code snippets and design elements for testing, prior to adding them to my business sites. By utilizing the features within and letting me know what works or doesn't work, how the site displays in various devices and browsers and the ease of use, it will provide me with valuable information I can use when designing my other web sites. With that said, you may see a "plug" here and there, with content or links relevant to some of my other sites.

Most content on this is private and will require an account to access it. So, if you haven't already done so, please register for an account here. You will then receive a response via email to authenticate your account. After you log in, please complete your profile and after your information is confirmed, you will then have access to most of the site. I am committed to protecting your privacy in an effort to provide the most powerful and safe online experience.



by Rick Bradbury
Total Image Processing
"Providing Imagery with Impact Since 1973" Commercial • Advertising • Composition & Layout Services

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Multi-Camera HD Video Productions Steadicam Operator • Video Editing Audio Mixing • Sound Design Production Music & Sound Effects Format Conversions

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12 Color Archival Quality Pigment Prints. High Gloss, Matte & Water Color Finishes. Satin Cloth & Museum Grade Canvas Prints up to 44 inches in width

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Responsive Design Services for Full size, Tablet and Smartphone Browsers•CMS Hosting•Full IT services including Server setup & Network Design

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Chisos View

Nestled in a small valley with the Rattlesnake Mountains to the east, the Corozones to the north and the Christmas Mountains to the west, we have a beautiful and unique view of the Chisos Mountains to the south.